My Hero Academia episode 51


So at the start of the episode, we get these two recognizing him in this form. And this brings up an interesting fact. He is now All Might, at all times now. Everyone knows who he is, and he’s powerless now. Is anyone going to try to assassinate him? Will he be barraged with paparazzi, fans, can he really be in public like that now? Or does no one give a damn?


I wanna pause a sec and talk about this shit here. Every episode they remind us of their name and power and I still forget all of them. Even the powers because they give some custom names, so I still have to look up what it does. Like the principle rodent. WTF is high spec?99999999.jpg




I know it’s hard to resist Baku…


I mean look at that boi. How fucking cute is he?

9999999999.jpgI wouldn’t normally have a problem with this if I was watching like a comedy series or slice of life. And I don’t, really. But I want to ask a question. Let’s just say your friend wrote this whole dorm room part on paper and asked you to critique it. How hard would you cringe?

Now imagine all your favorite slice of life moments, giant chibi heads, tear drops falling from head, nose bleeds and imagine an American wrote them. Would that change your view of the scenes.

Did I just ruin anime for you? Good, now you’re as jaded as I am.



Another question was this diagram in the manga? Was he insane enough to create a diagram to tell us where everyone’s rooms are? Is anyone saving this for future reference? Is anyone in the high fucking heavens taking note of this!????



1418091823862.jpgSomeone should make a top 10 charts and diagrams in anime list. There’s no way that’s ever been done before. I know there’s a lot of them out there. HxH might take the cake though.


Man this is so boring. I guess if you’re a kid you might find it fun to see your favorite characters rooms and see how you guys are similar. Maybe they want to get the that’s so me crowd or something because none of this is really funny??? But comedy is subjective right? And I’m jaded.

But why not show us them using their powers in mundane ways? Like playing ping pong using their powers, a game to pass the time or something! Anything is better than room tours!!!!


This episode shows us exactly why nothing will happen in this anime. The creator has too much love for his characters. They will never be in any real threat. Making custom rooms for them? Deciding their favorite foods, likes, dislikes … blood type, all of this useless info. He’s too attached to his babies. Now if he killed one off early, I might think this was all bait but he really loves his characters.

These are his friends, his creations and he’s showing them off to us like a child when you visit, pulling our pants, wanting to show us their toys.99999999993433.jpgAnd we’re not even talking about what happened either. Just right into the nonsense. You can show characterization through conversation and reflection too, rather than showing us ROOOOOOOOMSSS!!!!!


Then Asui shows up and talks about it… but not really. Just her part. Not the part where people were hurt and killed in the battle that took place. Noooo… she’s like look at me! Everyone come out and hear how I felt. See you guys don’t see through her bullshit but I do. She’s a manipulative attention seeking bitch. She’s the true big bad of this anime, just you see.




In fact Deku has cried 3 episodes in a row.
He may not be the Room King but he definitely is the Cry King.

I’m with you Bakugo.

There really wasn’t much for me this episode. It was all just setup and filler. It could’ve been more entertaining if they used their powers for something rather than doing absolutely nothing.

1 out of 10 Deku teardrops.


My Hero Academia episode 50

So I got really lazy last week and didn’t even want to do this one. I was going to skip it and go straight to 51 because the episode was uneventful. Then I saw 51 and was like oh okay, no point and skipping 2 uneventful episodes.

Anyway, let’s jump right into this trash, shall we?

12.pngThis guy is telling us villains have never thought to team up ever before. When there’s a whole school dedicated to training heroes. Agencies with groups of heroes. No villains have ever thought to team up. There was never another bunch of idiots.

There is a lot you can say to justify this. Villains are so self centered that there would be betrayals or they don’t trust eachother. Blah blah. I’ll let this go. This isn’t my universe, it’s the creator’s.

So given that he’s said this, will he be correct? Will they show others creating their own little groups? Teams of villains popping up everywhere? Let’s bookmark this sentence.


While he’s here getting his Vegeta on…

133No-Might here is becoming a substitute dad and I don’t know how I feel…1333.jpgNevermind, you teach him well, No-Might. You teach him well.

13333.jpgI know I used this joke already but boy does this show know how to make em. MMPH!!!! SHE’S SO DAMN SEXY!





Then we move on to the MC’s house for some good ol’ drama.



So let’s talk about this bullshit.

There’s no fucking way he’s not going to U.A. After the creator spent so much time on developing these fucking characters, he’s not going to start anew. He showed us the parents, the blood types, the favorite foods, so get the fuck out of here with this hollow threat. We all know he’s obsessed with his characters and that damn frog girl.

But… it’s realistic, right? The mother can’t stand to watch her son get hurt. Gotta show it. They’re very close, so losing him would be devastating to her.

AND THEN, she says that she wants him to go to another hero school??? ??? ?? Why not just take him out of it all. No more hero shit ever. Get a normal job where you’re safe! Go into construction like your future wife!

But it doesn’t matter anyway. We all know this is going to turn around.


Deku is behaving like a normal teenaged boy! WTF?!??122222222222.png

Oh never mind. He’s still our little morally perfect protagonist.

But mommy isn’t convinced just yet…



ezgif-2-492be237cb small.gif


Within minutes her decision is flipped. She just wants the best for….blah………. [generic parent words]

Whatever, I guess this is the final push Deku needs to finally master his powers and not be so reckless, huh? No more breaking fingers? Arms? Legs? Let’s bookmark this part too.


So I was right about him. He won’t break out. He wants to be a better teacher than All-might. Use All-might’s mentor’s grandson to be the best villain to crush everything All-might has built. He wants him to suffer.

The thing that breaks my point is when he says “You lost your chance to die.” So I don’t even know. This guy is boring, and I’m desperately trying to find something about him that’ll make his sure coming return a moment of anticipation. But there really isn’t any. I really want him to be this sadistic and obsessive dude. I really want his fully restored face to be All-Might’s. That would bring a level of creepiness to him that he needs.

They want this to be about the Sensei’s pupils. Showing the League of Villains and Tomura’s growth as the big bad. FOSTERING HIS HATRED AND USING IT TO CRUSH HIS ENEMIES! I don’t even remember their goal anymore. Wreck shit? Destroy U.A.? Corrupt the students? Kidnap the cookie monster? Then what? What happens when Tomura fails? Does All for One break out and nuke the country?

The show has me thinking, I’ll give it that. But I’m not really caring about what happens besides the fights that’ll come out of it. Most of which so far have been disappointing, aside from the tournament arc. The stupid power boost everyone got for animation purposes will never be shown again I bet.


I rate this episode… 3 Deku teardrops out of 10.


Seven Deadly Sins S2 Ep22

Hey how’s the weather looking?




How about now?




It’s great that he’s like fuck the chit chat and cuts him off but then he does the most unnecessary flash jump. Just jump normally. Shh … Right now I am pretending as if that isn’t an animation shortcut.

12.jpgWhy are they still there anyway………. Gil even you said:


So why the hell are you even that close? The man has a damn sun in his hands and your armor is melting!


Oh. Well carry on then.


I really love how OP this character is. I like when the bad guys who proved themselves as strong in some way just gets obliterated by them. It’s like seeing a cocky kid saying he can balance on this rail no problem but then he actually tries it and screams “woah woah!” before they fall 30 stories to their death. And all you can do is laugh.

I would go on about this sun just pushing him with a burn status effect but eh. Moving on.


New spell fancy intro, I wonder what it does.




Brother!!!!!!! I’m just going to sandwich you directly between the sun and push as hard as I can! AM I HELPING? BROTHER? Hello??????


This is guy is surprisingly sexy for some reason. Right next to the twink of the year. Someone yaoi this for me please.


OH SHIT!! My man is going to pull out the Reaper Death Seal!!??!!?! NO…



KVt5uZt nose.gif


KVt5uZt nose.gif


So they left the castle, leaving Ban alone even though he took a few of their hearts. Why? For a much needed haircut. But more importantly, so the brothers can have their moment next episode. This part was so weird to me because they were right there then they cut to this shit. In some random house, far away from the commotion. But whatever, they do a little character building, make Derieri look cute then …


Though, it is nice that they care for each other. Rather than the, pfft, weakling thing.


Also, Elizabeth uses Arc. I guess that was the intention of the releasing of the Goddess. Just to show us that that was a technique of the gods. Cool, points, I guess. It lessens the confusion of the magic used and reminds us slow people that she is not a normal human or even one at all. And she’s going to save …



Nevermind. Meliodas saves the day. She’s still useless, guys.

Overall, this episode was fun, stupid overpowered guy entertains. No real threats here that I care for. Elizabeth, Ban’s side chick, and the king can all die in a fire. I guess this fight would’ve been more impactful in the manga with flashy still images. The art for the fights in the ep could’ve been amped up because I hear this was supposed to be a big fight. Seemed like they put the budget on that fireball.

Fire that artist

There was also a moment at the end where Monspeet shows up behind Zaratras, he said his presence blah blah. There wasn’t a spiritual pressure type thing or a demon image eyecatch you would expect to let you know he’s scary. I guess it subverted my expectations then. But those things probably would’ve helped.

I watch this show with half a brain. So I’ll say its a good episode for what it is. Compared to that episode where Meliodas tried to fight all of them, (but didn’t fucking kill that healing flower for whatever reason) it’s okay. I don’t feel sated though.

But hold on, I saw something. Rewind it…


No not that.


Wait a second…





My Hero Academia episode 49




No… I kid. I want to see this. Who doesn’t? It’s fucking All-Might, right?


I feel like i’m the only one surprised his master was a… LADY. That’s actually pretty cool. I remember when watching Midoriya and No-Might training, I thought, wouldn’t be cool if All-Might was a girl. I always see these sensei – apprentice relationships with guy and guy. I’m definitely forgetting a lot of shows right now but I know its very few where the female is the main sensei and not some side one with a specialty that the guy MC needs to learn.

It’s the guy-guy/father-son bond thing I get it but I always thought it would be cool to see. And they’re sort of doing it here. Even though she’s dead. And we wont get to see it in practice.


All for One just said his master had no skill. LOL. Your master was a no skill scrub who only hard aimed. She could never beat me in 360 no scope headshot only on final destination with no items … EVER. Can’t you see? She was a tryhard with no skill. She had to die. He may use his powers in a boring way but his mouth game sure is on point.


Dammit… I really wanted that to happen. Oh well. I’m surprised he’s even alive let alone conscious after taking a blow to the straight to the face last episode. Old man is fully functional with all his coordination intact. Would’ve been cool if he was still dazed and attempted but failed. BUT I’M A SICK PERSON, and this is a show for children. I might have actually felt something if they died. Wait, why are they even in the way? How long has it been since heroes been out? They haven’t learned to stay the fuck away yet?


Quick thought: With all of these heroes, even schoolchildren making hi-tech gadgets, these news guys get the short end of the stick. No drones to capture footage? Why risk your life? Mei Hatsume should get on this.

*Alesana plays in the background*

I guess he really is the edge master. Look at his setup. Look at that COD ghosts symbol on the left. Look at that sniper camo wallpaper.


I like this. Only Japan is watching this fight. This isn’t something that threatens the world! Just Japan. I love that, keep it small/local. Please stay this way.

At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite. I liked that he saved the girl, but with the villain deliberately targeting her and saying the cliche lines, a thesaurus-ed version of, “I will take everything you love.” Took me out. BUT it falls in line with their motives to dismantle his title of SYMBOL OF PEACE … myaaaan.


Back to the camera guys. Are they picking up his speech as well? Are there people out there vibing with what he’s saying? Because the guy is preaching a lot like he’s a wrestling heel given center stage.

And then he drops the bomb, and the music stops.1123.jpg


This escalated the type of villain he is. He’s now on a Yellow-flash level of crazy where he is obsessed with destroying everything the hero likes. Especially that smile.



All Might then unleashes the bad flute version of a super saiyan yell.

11.pngI’m not going to lie. This almost got me. I actually felt something in my cold black heart, surprisingly. Only a little bit. It wasn’t the audience watching and tearing up. It was this. A single person underneath the rubble of a collapsed structure. Arguably best scene in the episode because it was real. People are hurt, dead even and All Might is the hope they want to believe in. The hero they believe in to help. I do wish they kept the camera on her as she yelled for help. That probably would’ve broke me.

It’s strange I can feel a little bit of something for civilians but absolutely nothing for main characters. Perhaps its because the civilians are ultimately us. Human in its most average form. Weak and fragile.

11200.jpgShe comes back to remind him that limits are for bitches. Now, I would normally complain about this and eyeroll so fast I’d briefly see the next dimension, but he only gets an arm. He doesn’t get a full on second wind. Just an arm. That’s okay, I guess.

Captain Falcon and Yugioh protagonist is here. Too bad their fight is a so insignificant they cut to a flashback in the middle of it.10.png

LOL. I had to pause because I laughed so hard. It’s like he got caught between a hydraulic press the way he looks now.


…………………….. I … ugh. [Random assortment of words] times 4? I won’t rant. I’m not mad. I’m … disappointed. I thought we were better than this. I really did. I’ll leave it at that.

I’ll also just leave this here.


They had to do the typical anime struggle. The tug of war. Be it energy balls, beams, foreheads, or punches, they have to do it. Why side step his attack and crush his ribs when you can challenge his power AND ASSERT YOUR DOMINANCE! This isn’t a jab, as it’s pretty much a staple in shonen. So .. eh. I am tired of it though. I like how AFO uses impact nullification after the impact, and it still does something.

But anyway, surely this will be an exciting fight. Everyone is going to jump in and team up to take this dude down because All Might only has one arm. We have around 5 minutes left, they can do it.qpqBV8p34.jpg

Oh, he won. Okay.

All for One kind of accomplishes his goal in the end, so I’m going to assume All Might isn’t even a target anymore. He can’t fight. AFO can kill Midoriya with ease right now but he won’t… he just won’t. Right now I’m assuming whatever jail they built is bullshit for someone like him and he could escape at anytime. But its all according to keikaku so he won’t do that either. Now that he’s in Yellow Flash territory his next moves are in the air. Sadism and watching All Might fail is all he wants … it seems. I expect some twisted shit next time he appears though.


I was wrong last week. They mentioned the casualties. A large number. *Claps in evil.* Points for BNH, we’ll see where this goes. If there are consequences or we find a way to skirt all of that or the people are just happy that they were even there and nothing happens.


I may be slow on this but I’m seeing a theme of hard work vs being gifted. Enji worked his ass off to be number two and made insane sacrifices. Bakugo is starting to realize this in Midoriya … I think. No matter how hard he works, he’s going to be second place to someone that was just handed an overpowered quirk. Will it push him to surpass his limits or will he try to suck off a snake for a shortcut to power?

Overall, they filled this ep with so many flashbacks that should’ve been action. It seemed like commercial breaks for the fight. Yutaka Nakamura should’ve worked on this episode instead. But maybe they have something amazing planned ahead, the season isn’t over yet. Ep 11 out of 25 for season. See you next episode. Sam_and_Ralph_clock.png

Seven Deadly Sins S2 Ep 21

After last weeks episode where we were shoved into a time machine without our consent. This episode brings… I’m going to be honest I don’t even know what the hell happened. I just could not focus as they showed Elizabeth prancing about. I found looking at my bag of chips more interesting. It’s hard to care about her. Actually about anyone besides Meliodas, Ban, King, my baby Escanor, actually all the sins …


She is the worst. Why?


This applies to Elizabeth too. But not Merlin surprisingly. Maybe because she’s actually done something. Can you do that Elizabeth? Pull another season 1 ending for us?


No? Okay. At least you have your body so you can sex up a scene.


Lol, look how hot that is. This supposedly sad scene is so hot I forgot it was supposed to be sad. What am I supposed to feel here? Confusion? It’s working. We know Meli isn’t isn’t dead. The OP character can’t die. That’s the whole appeal to this show. Meli is Bugs Bunny. You know he’s going to win, its the journey you enjoy.

Hey this guy is here.

You know … that guy. He was dead.


Oh. Why is he back?
So he can provide some important backstory for us and to space out the next fight.


tenor (2).gif

Meliodas groomed this child since birth. How creepy is that shit? Almost as creepy as that Twilight movie where the wolf guy imprinted on zero personality vampire girl’s newborn baby. Making them destined to fall in love or something. What.

No, they dropped that he is afflicted with a curse that doesn’t allow him to die. Why? His father is a racist. Demon girls only son, sorry. At least that was the vibe I was getting. They bring this interesting mystery 18 minutes into the episode to keep you excited for the next. And then it’s back to the other people you don’t care about for a quick second.


And boy, I haven’t seen this many useless characters share the same screen since the great ninja war.


And at 20minutes they amp up the Escanor vs Not adult Meliodas fight. I’ve seen people say the translations were bad or that this scene didn’t compare to the manga but I liked it. I guess the smoke in the background isn’t as dramatic as the manga pic. His axe was sort of cropped out in the stare down too. But since I’m anime only right now, and I saw this first, I don’t mind.


There really isn’t much to talk about this ep. I just wanted to make jokes. Now I don’t hold this show in high regard. I find it lovably cheesy and fun. I remember when I first tried out this show and my first impression was, “MC OP, MC is a perv, this is pure silly, cool action. I have to watch it.” It held up. The title is 7 deadly sins, so I didn’t expect much originality in the plot. I came in with the expectation of, this is a fun, silly, action show that reminded me of Dragonball. A show I haven’t watched since I was a kid and have very loose memories of, but I will still champion this idea!


And just like Dragonball they introduced power levels later on that mean absolutely jack squat. Imagine my reaction to this crap. No, imagine how loud my groan was. Now I think whenever a character mentions it, I tune it out because I can’t remember the last time it was.

Overall this one was eh…


My Hero Academia episode 48

This show tries so hard to not make police appear useless but we all know the truth.


Can’t have guns do anything unless the guy using it is also magic.


Granted those are nomus but my point stands. Eh let’s show them trying not to be cannon fodder before the real hero saves them.


I refuse to learn the detective guy’s name just get him out of there.

Now onto the part we all wanted to see.


OH DID YOU THINK THEY WERE GOING TO KILL OFF 6 HEROES LIKE THAT? YOU FOOL! YOU MAROON! YOU CAD! This is a children’s program sir. I mean, really. Who could not see that coming? The same people who were fooled into thinking they killed Eraserhead without playing sad music or even a slowed motion capture of him gasping and replaying it 3 times. I knew this show didn’t have the balls to…


Oh. Okay. Not enough room for 2 thread count heroes I guess. (*edit. Thought Foldabody power was thread. Basically is though but the joke is a stretch.)

In all serious, he’s not dead. If I’ve learned anything from anime is that losing your arm or a blow to the stomach literally means nothing, especially when your show has a healer on staff. Like with zombies, they’re not dead unless their head is gone.

I’m toning down my disappointment because my jadeness knows no limits. Everytime I see these newbies looking at this show with fresh blind eyes, discussing it with glee on forums and reddit, I want to corrupt them so bad. It reminds me of when I saw someone crying over the dragon that died in GoT. Maybe I envy that they can be fully immersed into a show and feel things. But when I see it … its so … ugh. Really? Is all I can think. These people couldn’t spot a throwaway character even if they wore a red shirt. They couldn’t tell if something was going to happen even if war drums started. But comments like that get downvotes on reddit. So here I am, getting out all my frustrations and to find like-minded people to justify my correct feelings and create my own echochamber.

Did I say I was jaded? That’s important. Back back to the show and back to that face they keep making the kids do. You know the one.


Yeah that one. I don’t think it’s portraying the emotion they think it does. Mixed with Dekus giant main character eyes. It looks comical. It’s like they’re trying to hold in laughter while simultaneously holding throw up in their mouths. It doesn’t strike me as scared. It’s more like they saw the 2girls1cup video and saw their friend throw up and are trying not to themselves but still want to laugh at their reaction.

Quick note: All for One and the cracked lips guy reminds me of a relationship of a rich boy and his rich dad even though he seemingly comes from nothing.

Then All-might shows up and proceeds to have the most intense hand holding session of the century. No one says uncle though.

This goes on for 10 minutes.

Now onto this.


People obviously died here. They’ll surely talk about this and not avoid the kill count harder than Man of Steel. They showed other heroes helping out civilians in the wreckage, and see I like that. Heroes doing things other than punching, things actual heroes do, although there was a bunch of no names doing it, so they don’t get a picture. I hope they remember them though. Meanwhile, our heroes were trying to save the one person they know. The only one that matters.


But did he really need saving? At any point he could’ve team rocket blasted off, but at the sight of his friends soaring the sky above him at airplane height, he’s suddenly like okay peace out. I’m not going nerd nitpick and say the trajectory and the momentum of his blast should’ve thrown them off course. That takes too much fun out of this. Just the fact that Bakugo could’ve fucking grenade jumped out of that situation makes it hilarious! And I’ll leave it at that.


Big ups for Mt. Lady for taking that shot to the face. I’m sure she’s used to it. You big ol’ slut you…



Then we get to the biggest of all complaints. Not that that the fight was ultimately boring. Not the immense destruction promises a stupid power scaling for future villains. Not that they managed to make all of his powers kind of lame because of his lack of delivery/movement, just standing still to summon portals, move hand a bit for fingernail leeches.

It was the sudden narrator jumping in to tell us about this guy’s magnetism power. *hunter x hunter ptsd flashbacks* Motherfucker just have them talk out their plan! I hate narrators in anime with a passion and I know this is my bias but the shit sucks. They could’ve said, “Hey dude, let’s use your magnet powers to slingshot you to them using the repulsive power of the similar poles.” “Oh good idea. We’ll bang, okay?”

Head looks like a thumb.

Overall I was underwhelmed by this episode. Mostly because of the talks I heard on twitter about Yutaka Nakamura doing animation for this ep. I didn’t see any special shit besides Bakugo jumping and the smoke underneath his feet. Where the cubes at?